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Body Massage

Our curated selection of massage treatments harnesses the power of natural therapy and expert techniques to melt away stress, ease tension, and restore balance.

Signature Balinese

60 | 90 | 120MIN

Gentle stretches, therapeutic strokes, and soothing pressure techniques with pure essential oils curated to deepen relaxation and enhance circulation.  

Deep Tissue

60 | 90 | 120MIN

Working deep into the connective tissues to sooth chronic pains, overworked muscles and relief from post-sports injuries.


60 | 90 | 120MIN

Pamper yourself with a restoring and calming massage, enhanced by pure essential oils to improve skin texture and promote overall skin health.

hot Stone Therapy

90 | 120MIN

Applying heat and pressure to enhance blood circulation, relaxing tension-prone muscles, treating chronic pain with heated volcanic lava stones.

Two A Harmony

60 | 90 | 120MIN

Perfect opportunity to unwind and spend quality bonding time as a couple in a private room with the treatment of your choice.

Post Natal Massage

60 | 90min

Nurture and rejuvenate with gentle relief and relaxation, tailored for postpartum mothers to ease discomfort and promote well-being.

Body Contouring

60 | 90 | 120min

Aids lymphatic drainage to eliminate impurities and firm skin. Target water retention, bloating, toxins, stress, and swelling for a lighter, more sculpted you.

Upsara Signature Plus


This customizable experience includes a 60 min body massage and allows you to select from the add-on treatments to create a 180 min personalized treatment.


Customize your experience with these add-ons to accompany or elevate your desired treatment. Unwind further with a soothing scalp massage, invigorating scrub, mask treatments and more.

body Massage


Add an extra minutes for deeper relaxation and target your massage on specific areas. 

Head, Neck, Shoulder Massage


Let your worries drift away as skilled hands work to release tension from your head, neck and shoulders. 

Body Scrub


Indulge in a luxurious exfoliation. Choose from our handcrafted cleansing scrubs for a youthful, radiant and tone-looking skin. 

Choose any:  
1. Traditional Balinese Scrub
2. Rejuvenating Balinese Scrub
3. Glow & Bright Scrub
4. Detox Salt Scrub

Body Mask


Revitalize your skin with our formulated plant, seeds and fruit extracts rich in antioxidants and vitamins. 

Choose any:
1. Traditional Balinese Mask
2. Balinese Rejuvenating Mask
3. Glow & Bright Mask
4. Detox Mask